Foundation Program

The Kingswim Program has been specially designed to teach kids all the skills they will ever need to know to be safe and have fun in and around the water.

The Kingswim program is divided into 4 key learning levels:

  • Foundation – for babies from 12 weeks to 3 years old
  • Independent – for kids who are ready to learn without Mum or Dad in the water
  • Competent – for kids who have got the basics covered and are ready to start refining their skills
  • Graduate – for kids who are becoming swimming experts

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Safe and Fun-Filled Baby Swimming Lessons with Kingswim

Kingswim’s Foundation Program is the perfect way to get your little one used to the pool. Our baby swimming lessons are carefully designed, based on over 30 years of experience, to make sure your baby stays safe in and around the pool and at all times. So if you’re looking for the perfect swim school to get your baby swimming, Kingswim is the place for you. 

Our swim coaches are all nationally qualified, and all our programs – including our baby swim lessons of course – are Swim Australia registered. You may have some anxiety or worries around taking your little one for baby swim lessons, and we totally understand if you do – it’s a big thing. 

To help with this we’ve got super-confident and understanding coaches running our baby swimming lessons – they pay attention to the tiniest details and will build a bond of trust with your little one, making sure they always feel and are safe and comfortable.


Baby’s first swim

Get you both comfortable in the water

First step to a lifetime of enjoying the water together

Key Details

  1. For babies aged from 12 weeks to 6 months
  2. Flexible, just a relaxed swim for you both
  3. Baby Whisperers on hand to guide you
  4. Nice warm water and change rooms the whole year round
  5. Mum/Play groups most welcome

For many, swimming lessons can be the first activity you and your new baby can do together.  But just the idea of trying to get out of the house with a tiny tot can be daunting, let alone trying to be on time for a swimming lesson!  That’s why our Baby Play classes are flexible. Don’t worry if you’re a bit late or if the wheels fall off and you decide you need to leave early.  Baby Play is all about introducing your little person to the nice warm water in a relaxed and supportive environment.  We know it’s all the little things that make the difference, at Kingswim.

View our common questions below to help you remember everything you need to bring (packing the swimming bag can be tough the first time!)

We all want the best for our kids.  Research has shown that children who learn to swim at a young age reach many developmental milestones earlier than the norm.  This includes not just swimming capability, but literacy, numeracy, social and emotional measures as well.  Learning to swim is the best possible start for parents who want to give their children the greatest opportunity to thrive in life.

The Foundation Program is designed to be the best possible introduction to the water.  With a relaxed atmosphere, our infant teachers are specially trained to understand how babies develop and what their capabilities are in the water.  They know just when to reassure and when to extend their tiny students so that parents have the joy of experiencing amazing results.


Comfortable in the water

Get in and out of the water safely and unassisted

Confident to put face under the water

I am learning

  • Floating front & back
  • Kicking and paddling on their own

Key Details

  1. For babies from 6 months to 3 years
  2. Parents join in the lesson too
  3. Specialist Infant Teachers who know exactly when to reassure and when to stretch little swimmers
  4. Nice warm water and change rooms the whole year round
  5. Mum/Play groups most welcome

At Kingswim, we’re here to make sure teaching your child to swim is fun for them, but great for you too.  That’s why we have dedicated baby change areas, spares of all the important stuff, in case you forget something, and a highly trained and dedicated team of ‘baby whisperers’ who are expert in taming the toughest toddlers! We know it’s all the little things that make the difference, at Kingswim.

View our common questions below to help you remember everything you need to bring (packing the swimming bag can be tough when you’re packing for little people and yourself!)

So your little person isn’t quite ready to go it alone, don’t worry.  For kids who need a bit more reassurance, the Kingswim Program has what is called TPC (Transition from Parent and Child).  This special program helps to make the transition from taking instruction from Mum and Dad to listening to the teacher instead, so that every child starts the Independent program feeling safe and confident.


Confident to learn independently

Able to listen and take turns

Balance and Stability in water

Key Details

  1. For kids from 2 ½ years until they are ready
  2. Kids just need to be tall enough to touch the bottom in the TPC area
  3. Parents join in the lesson too, but kids take their instruction from the teacher
  4. Teachers who are expert in building confidence in kids and parents alike

At Kingswim, we try to make every part of learning to swim easy and comfortable for everyone.  We never want anyone, kids nor parents, to feel stressed or worried about learning to swim and that’s why our TPC classes are a relaxed comfortable environment for kids who need a bit more time.

Great for kids who may not have swam before, or those who are nervous on their own, or kids who are ready to move from the Parent and Child program but are still a bit young, kids can move through our TPC program at a pace that’s right for them.  They can progress into the Independent Program whenever they’re ready.  We find these few extra weeks can make all the difference.  We know it’s all the little things that make the difference, at Kingswim.

Common Questions

When can my baby start swimming?  answer-icon

Research has shown that children who learn how to swim at a young age are reaching many developmental milestones earlier. It’s a wonderful experience that really can start early!  We teach tiny tots through to big kids, with programs available to babies from 12 weeks of age.

Is the pool warm enough for babies?answer-icon

To keep babies and children comfortable, we have a constant water temperature of between 32-33 degrees. For babies 3-6 months of age, we recommend a maximum time in the water of 30 minutes.

Are your facilities family friendly?answer-icon

We’ve helped a lot of families in our time. So we know all the little things we can do to help make learning the essential life skill of swimming an enjoyable and meaningful experience for parents and kids alike. We have welcoming team members, family friendly change rooms, infant change areas and plenty of space for prams to make it easy for you to get changed once you’ve finished in the water. So yes, we consider ourselves to be very family friendly!

What should we bring to Foundation swimming lessons?answer-icon

So your bundle of joy has finally arrived and you’ve just about got a handle on all the challenges that come along with it.  By now you might be ready to brave leaving the house and Kingswim Baby Play and Parent and Child classes are a great way to start.  After a sleepless night, a relaxing float in the nice warm water will make you both feel better.  But being exhausted is not usually the best way to make sure everything you need makes it into the bag, so here’s a list we thought might help when you’re getting ready for the first time.

  • All the usual Baby Bag stuff – Nappies, Wipes, Nappy Sacks, Change of clothes etc.
  • Swim Nappy (the others fill up with water and make it very hard for your small person to move around)
  • Bathers for you both. Don’t worry if you’re not back to your photo ready bikini body, we are here to make you feel good.  Plus everyone will be looking at your gorgeous new baby anyway!
  • A Towel for you both
  • Feel free to bring the Capsule or Pusher. It’s much easier once you’ve changed bub to have them safely tucked in so that you have a chance to get dry and dressed too.  Plus it’s a great spot to put all this stuff while you’re enjoying the water
  • And to make the ride home that bit more comfortable…don’t forget Your Undies to change back into (we know at least some of you had forgotten that bit!)
  • Finally, don’t ever worry if you forget something, we’ve got spares on hand, because we’ve all been there before! (Except undies for you, do try to remember that part!)

We know, it’s all the little things that make the difference, at Kingswim.

What Others are Saying

We had an amazing time at our first bub swim session, Lucas luved the water and I was really amazed at all the new things I learnt about how to hold your bub, so that they are able to become more familiar in the water and kick their legs. Loved it!!!


I have taken my son to their Baby Play lessons. These are fantastic at giving the babies a chance to experience and familiarise them with the pool environment. I would recommend them to everyone with young babies.


I have attended other pools and have left frustrated at how hard they seem to make it for people with bubs. Not at Kingswim though! I always leave happy.


We have been taking our 9 month old to swimming lessons at Kingswim and have found the small class sizes and professional teachers to be great. The whole centre, including the change rooms is kept toasty warm so that the littlies don’t get cold when they are out of the water.