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Deakin pool is home to super-fun and productive swimming lessons from Kingswim! Our fully qualified swim coaches and Swim Australia registered programs are now at Deakin swimming pool - so whether it’s for your kids or you, we’ll have you covered! Our lessons are personalised and available to learners of any age from 12 weeks up, so pop in to Deakin pool in Canberra to see what we offer.

See details for Deakin centre below. Unit 17E, 2 King Street Deakin ACT 2600

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25 December Christmas Day

26 December Boxing Day

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Learn to Swim Programs


For babies from 12 weeks to 3 years old



For kids who are ready to learn without Mum or Dad in the water



For kids who have got the basics covered and are ready to start refining their skills



For kids who are becoming swimming experts


Meet our people


Simon Kroon


Simon, affectionately known as Simmo, has been working at Kingswim for almost 10 years. As someone who loves a chat, he’s a customer service guru. Simon keeps fit by body surfing and chasing after his two year old son Henry… both exercises have a high degree of difficulty! He has institutionalised the Friday kebab with the Deakin team. We love that Simon isn’t just great at teaching – he’s great at learning too. He has a new guitar and when he’s not talking about it, he’s coming along in leaps and bounds at playing it.

What lesson from his Mum does Simon still live by today? “Always wear clean underwear”.

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